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Testimonials in proposals

Including testimonials in proposals can positively influence the decision-making process of customers and prospects. Testimonials are said to remove any doubts, so that a proposal would be approved more quickly.

What is a testimonial

A testimonial, or also known as a recommendation, reference, or review, is a testimonial of
customers where they share their positive experiences with a company. This is often done via a
text, but can also be done through a video or number.

The purpose of testimonials

Testimonials are used to convince future customers by showing how
other, previous customers or clients, have a company's products or services
appreciated. Testimonials are mainly seen on websites, web shops, newsletters and
social media. It is also possible to have testimonials on a specially set up for this purpose (and often
to leave an independent (independent) platform. Testimonials create trust, they form a
confirmation of the expertise or functioning of an organization. Customers and prospects
view testimonials when they think about a purchase or assignment. In terms of
customer journey or the sales process, testimonials are therefore viewed the most during the
orientation and consideration phase.

The success of testimonials

The persuasion goal is demonstrably achieved. Many customers and prospects (business and
private) see testimonials as a predictor of future quality or behavior. It is
scientifically researched by Robert B. Cialdini. His conclusion is that testimonials and/or
social evidentiary is one of the most successful tools with which people
can be convinced.

Testimonials with which one can identify yourself

Include collected testimonials on a page as a fixed part of the proposal. It is
recommend visiting this page regularly, depending on the offer, customer or prospect
to adapt so that it optimally matches the customer or prospect. For example, think of
the age of the target group, product or service experiences with similar customers and/or
branches. If relevant, also include logos of the customers who have a testimonial

Position testimonials in offers

Taking into account the structure of a proposal and the fact that people often have the first and
the last thing they see remember best is the most appropriate positions for
testimonials on the cover and for (digital) approval. On the cover can be a short
testimonial with an appealing image lead to a good first impression. Just before the
approval, do testimonials trigger the good feeling and/or become any doubts

Collect testimonials

There are various options for asking customers for a testimonial. For example, ask the question:

  • in person during an evaluation interview
  • via email
  • via social media
  • via newsletters
  • standard and automatic after a purchase in the webshop
  • in an email signature
  • via invoicing

Apart from the request, its timing is also important. Just ask the customer for a testimonial
when most of the steps of the customer journey have been completed. Make the writing and
Posting a testimonial is also as easy as possible. Finally, give, if necessary,
way of thanking you, a gift such as free shipping on a subsequent order,
longer warranty or discount on a subsequent order or order.


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