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Create proposals for existing customers

Making more revenue typically means looking for new customers. After one or two conversations, a lot of attention and care is then given to preparing a customer-centric proposal. On the other hand, when an existing customer requests information, an email or proposal is usually sufficient. But whether that's so sensible?

Proposal creation for existing customers

New customers vs. existing customers

Most organizations focus their arrows on recruiting new customers. However, it's long since no secret that the chances of selling something to an existing customer are many times higher. Even around 60 to 70%. The likelihood of selling to new customers is significantly lower: 5 to 20%. Existing customers are already convinced, know who to do business with and what to expect. This makes decisions faster and saves a lot of time (and money). Reason enough to shift some of the focus to existing customers.

Retain customers

Understanding is crucial to maintaining customers. Using surveys to measure customer satisfaction is a good way to gain more insight. These surveys are sent to the customer at different times. For example, after an interaction moment, after delivery, or - for longer collaborations - every six months. Surveys such as the Customer Satisfaction Score and the Net Promoter Score allow one to see how overall satisfaction is, how loyal customers are, and whether they would recommend an organization to others. Consistent measurement keeps sales departments alert and strengthens relationships with existing customers. Even if customers are dissatisfied, because when complaints are handled properly, customers remain loyal and some even become ambassadors. Customers also want to feel appreciated. For example, they consider the lack of proposal as a sign of disrespect or disinterest. It is even seen as arrogant when they receive an order confirmation instead of a proposal.

Proposals are a must for every customer

Creating proposals for existing customers is as important as it is for new customers. The customer feels seriously taken, appreciated and has something to choose. That's how customers prefer to do business, they want to have choices. What should a proposal be like to an existing customer?

Proposal for existing customers

Below are the key features for proposals to existing customers.

Add a company presentation for proposals to existing customers as well. This way, no one will be passed in the event of a customer's personal changes. In addition, a company presentation also offers the opportunity to present its own developments. It allows you to highlight new employees, products or services.

Tools for Successful Proposals to Existing Customers

Buyer persona

A buyer persona is a profile of the target audience, or the ideal customer. They take on the role of this ideal customer and describes them in detail based on behaviour, demographics, needs/desire (Unique Buying Reasons), barriers and social media. Maintaining buyer personas is essential. Customers change and so are their needs. Regular contact provides valuable information, such as new bottlenecks, customer journey, issues or challenges. With an always current buyer persona, one can empathize well with the content and tone of the proposal.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are mainly used for customer retention. It also provides interesting information regarding the buying and decision-making behaviour. This information can then be processed in the buyer persona and in a Customer Relation Management (CRM) system.

CRM system

A CRM system provides organizations, vendors and entrepreneurs with insights into, for example, customer visits, conversations, purchases, decision-making powers, and the customer journey. It can be better suited to customer needs. With a CRM system, follow up actions can be easily plotted and tracked after a proposal. One can even - on the basis of the information contained in the CRM system - draw up an interim proposal linked to, for example, a special offer. But of course, the CRM system can also be used to send a nice attention to someone's birthday or anniversary. Most customers appreciate these types of initiatives.

Mailing or newsletter

It is extremely important to keep communicating with the customer anytime and at the right time. Therefore, send a mailing or newsletter regularly. Inform and trigger customers with interesting blog articles, offers, interviews, whitepapers or customer cases. This allows the customer to stay on the radar and can be contacted by the customer using statistics. For example, to further gauge their interest and/or make an appointment.

Proposal software

An online proposal program makes proposal a lot more efficient and at the same time making attractive, interactive proposals quickly and easily. Notifications and statistics make customer retention and sales generation a lot easier.


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