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New contact management and functionalities

High time for a party at Offorte! We are launching a new version of customer management. After months of hard work, the job is done.

Offorte Upgrade

Better structure for your organizations and people and a tighter separation between consumers and business contacts. The new list view makes navigation easy, all details are at your fingertips.

We didn't just work on the looks. You will notice faster performance and a smoother running interface. And with the new contact details view, you can dig deeper into your contacts than ever.

Do you have a premium subscription? Lucky you! We have a number of extras for you: tags for contacts, custom input fields, setting required fields, filter options for the list view and notes for your contacts. The API has also been upgraded to v2 and the documentation has been improved.

This new contact management is not an update, but a real upgrade. Based on your wishes. Dive in, find out what the new version has to offer and let us know how you like it.

Have fun with the new contact management!

Whats new

Below is a summary of the most important improvements and new functionalities. In addition, various minor improvements and optimizations have also been implemented.


  • New structure with separation between companies (organizations) and consumers
  • Renewed list view with better performance
  • Contacts details with handy input fields
  • Ability to add contacts from multiple organizations to the same proposal
  • Improvement of contact selection when creating a new proposal

Premium features

  • Assign tags to contacts with filter option
  • Additional input fields for contacts
  • Decide for yourself which input fields are mandatory
  • Contacts list filter options
  • Add notes to contacts
  • Detailed activity insight
  • New version API
Dennis Wiemer

Dennis Wiemer

Saturday, March 30, 2024 - Product Updates


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