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New proposal editor & viewer

We are excited to share our latest software release with you. After months of hard work, we are finally live. The new proposal editor & viewer help you even better to create smart, winning proposals. Read on to discover all the new features.

Offorte Upgrade

We've worked hard to bring you a range of new features and improvements that will take your proposal experience to the next level. In addition to our own vision, customer feedback was central to this new update.

The update forms the basis on which we can further develop new product developments and innovations in the coming years. The focus will remain on the further development of the software based on customer wishes & feedback. The new update will feel like a logical next step and will be recognizable in use. Behind the scenes, the editor & viewer have been completely redeveloped from scratch and the entire backend architecture has been renewed.

Beta Test
We are very grateful to our beta testers for helping us test the new version. Thanks again for your valuable feedback!

Thanks for testing

Whats new

Below is a summary of the most important improvements and new functionalities. Not everything has been listed, then the list would be too long :)


  • Complete rewrite of architecture and new technology
  • New proposal structure with sections
  • More layout options (sections, colors, shadows, etc)
  • Better performance
  • More consistent saving and typing handling
  • AI: Upgraded to the latest GPT-3 model, easier to use AI text writer
  • Undo/redo function
  • Insert multiple blocks, sections and pages at once
  • Grid mode for dragging sizes in the editor.
  • Remember user actions and use that as starting point (i.e., tabs in modals)

Proposal Viewer

  • Complete rewrite of architecture and new technology
  • New page scroll option with all pages below each other
  • Better proposal view, no more unnecessary scrollbars and smoother animations
  • Support arrow key navigation
  • Improved agree & comments form
  • Faster PDF generation
  • Option to upload a signature image to agree page via account settings
  • Agreed proposal is excluded from design changes, text changes, policy changes which it used
  • When a client changes a block (table, price table), then that input is saved


  • Improved design interface with better & more options
  • More typography control and assignment of fonts
  • New colorpicker + color library for frequently used colors
  • Margins around blocks
  • Removed confusing page default values

Sections Layout

  • Makes page layout more versatile and extendable
  • Use multiple sections within the page
  • New section templates
  • More layout options (sections, colors, shadows, etc)


  • Improved text editing features
  • Realistic font preview
  • Improved table editing and design options
  • Option to add links to pages from images, text, etc.


  • Improved image handling with mediabrowser drag to upload
  • Paste from clipboard to upload
  • Easier cropping, ability to drop images
  • Direct upload
  • Rounded corners


  • Option to add custom selectable rows (single selection, multi-selection)
  • Snap to grid column sizes
  • Table styling control
  • More control where to add/delete columns
  • Optimized mobile view for tables

Price Table

  • Subscriptions (recurring) support
  • New single choice (radio buttons)
  • More discount options and choose between % or amount
  • Improved number input & notation based on locale
  • Change (sub)total texts, more text formatting, option to change the number of decimals or hide them
  • Hide quantity & price for the whole table, hide quantity, price & subtotal per row
  • Copy rows
  • Optimized mobile view

Price Table Summary

  • Easier show/hide of tables
  • Optimized mobile view
  • Apply styling to totals block.


  • Merged YouTube & Vimeo into 1 video block
  • Support for Dailymotion, SoundCloud, Wistia, Mixcloud, and custom video URLs with flv and webm formatting
  • New aspect ratio setting

Photo Gallery

  • New inline preview
  • Choose between thumbnail size, original size or squared thumbnails
  • Rounded corners for thumbnails
  • Determine thumbnail spacing


  • Added proposal send date + xx days
  • Deprecated futuredate (backwards compatible)


  • APIs + docs are updated;
  • No breaking changes, backwards compatible
  • Added hidden field uniqueId to price table rows (mapping data)


  • When creating a new proposal for a new company, the contact is added also automatically
Dennis Wiemer

Dennis Wiemer

Saturday, March 18, 2023 - Product Updates


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